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Why We Wrote That Story About the Attorney Who Used Veeto to Get Out of Her Regus Contract

And why attorneys use Veeto to solve their own legal issues

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Not every Veeto customer success becomes a customer success story. 

This is for two reasons:

  1. in part because there would be too many stories to tell, and
  2. in part because we think that each new piece of content should give readers some kind of unique value.

...and how many times do you need to read about Regus customers standing up to Regus and winning? Once is enough. 

So, for Veeto, every content idea must first pass the “what’s the point?” test; then every completed piece of content must pass the “is this the best you can do?” test. Both tests are pass/fail, and most pieces of content fail. This is why you don’t hear from us very often--only when we have something uniquely valuable to share.


This story (that you probably already read) passed both tests.

The point is that there’s a more fundamental barrier to solving a Regus problem than just whether or not you went to law school. It’s about the importance of expertise in specific cases, like getting out of a Regus contract.

Specific expertise is one of the key values Veeto provides, to both non-lawyers and lawyers alike.

When a person encounters an issue with Regus, it will probably be for the first time. However, Regus probably deals with tens of thousands of these cases every year. Who do you think is better equipped to win--the first-timer or the seasoned vet?

Regus is not the only seasoned vet when it comes to dealing with Regus issues.

Veeto has handled thousands of cases and has a massive, proprietary set of data on what works and what doesn’t when trying to resolve a Regus issue. That’s just a long way of saying that the degree of our experience specializing in Regus cases makes us an expert.

This is why the story about that attorney matters: Law school teaches you the importance of expertise.

When you have a question about patent law, don’t call a criminal defense lawyer; in fact, don’t even call a generic IP lawyer, who, for example, could specialize in copyright law and have little to no experience with patents. Call someone whose expertise is as specific as possible: someone who’s handled thousands of cases just like yours, and can articulate a case-specific strategy for you. Attorneys understand this better than anyone. They often field calls from friends and family who say, “hey, you’re an attorney...let me ask you a legal question.” And they typically respond that they don’t have the expertise to be much help.

There are two main reasons why attorneys hire Veeto to solve their own legal problems.

Reason # 1: The specificity of our expertise outmatches theirs when it comes to something like getting out of a Regus contract.

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The Soviet surgeon who removed his own appendix in 1961 (source).

Reason # 2: Attorneys hire Veeto for the same reason that most surgeons do not perform their own surgery.

Why does a story about an attorney using Veeto help you?

  • Because it turns out that law firms face the same kinds of legal problems as any other business.
  • And even if a law firm has an army of lawyers on staff, that might not make them any more equipped to solve a given problem than you are.
  • It all depends on what the issue is and whether there is someone with more expertise on that issue than the lawyers at that firm.
  • There is no other single entity in the world with more experience solving Regus issues than Veeto;

The Takeaway: Anyone who understands the importance of expertise will find and use Veeto when a Regus issue arises.

Veeto is not your lawyer.

It may sound strange that, sometimes, the best legal advisor for the job isn’t a lawyer. But just remember that, given the same issue, your attorney’s best legal advisor may not be a lawyer either. For some jobs, it’s not about licenses or degrees: It’s about experience, expertise, and winning. 

Bottom line: Veeto is pretty good at hanlding Regus cases.

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