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How Hannah Saved $4,459 and Canceled Her Unwanted Regus Lease Contract

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You may be familiar with Regus, the world’s largest provider of “flexible office space.” If you have used their services, you’re probably also familiar with the site (which may appear on the front page of google if you just type “regus customer service.”) It doesn’t take an expert to know that a site like this is a company’s worst nightmare.

You can only imagine the amount of company letters that have been written to try and take this site down.

You can only imagine the amount of company letters that have been written to try and take this site down.

Why are there so many complaints about Regus?

Unlike a standard office lease where you might have one or two tenants per space (like a sane office lease), Regus office spaces are often overbooked due to the one hundred other simultaneous tenants that might need that space on a given day. This, along with automatic lease renewals and surprise invoices, explain why there are so many negative reviews.

It is clear that there are a lot of people who feel wronged by Regus. But it is hard to find someone who actually got out of their unwanted Regus contract. Well, until now . .

Meet Hannah, a former unhappy Regus member

This is why, in her own words, Hannah decided that it was time to break-up with Regus:

Strike 1

On November 5, 2015, I had a day office. The phone was not hooked up. I waited for my client until I called her at 10:55. She had been in the lobby waiting for our 10:30 appointment since 10:20. I was shocked. [The receptionist] she said she called once and it rang, but it didn’t matter because the phone wasn’t connected. She didn’t knock on the door or call me. [The office manager] heard. He said the new policy is that they have to knock to notify the client of the guest.

Strike 2
On November 10, I tried booking day offices which I had purchased from [the office manager]. I could not book 2 more during the month.

Strike 3
On November 10 [the receptionist] and [the receptionist’s sidekick, I am guessing] complained to me that I was asking them to print too much and it was hard for them to drop everything for me and could we please set a turnaround time. I said I didn’t like asking for help. [The receptionist] said there might be a new printer. There is no way for me to connect to the existing printer. I bought a printer so I wouldn’t have to “bother” them.

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What happened when Hannah reached out to the office manager to downgrade her lease contract?

The office manager told her that he could not offer any sort of downgrade, which meant she would have to pay $4,459 for the remaining duration of her Regus lease contract. . .


We forgot to mention though, Hannah is an attorney and knows this type of explanation is unacceptable.

Can you legally break a Regus office lease?

Most probably assume they can’t do anything based off the wording of the Regus contract. If you look at it, which we’ve done, you’ll realize it’s quite one-sided (in Regus’s favor, of course).

However, it is basic legal doctrine that when two people sign a contract that the first party has the right to void the contract without penalty if the second party fails to provide the agreed service. If an individual has a legitimate cause like Hannah (because the service provider failed to provide service as agreed) then it is likely that they can legally break the contract in question. So how did Hannah address her problem? She used Veeto, of course.

How Hannah user her Veeto Power

Presented to you, step by step:

  1. Hannah documented her complaints.
  2. She submitted her complaints to the Veeto app.
  3. Veeto’s algorithm crafted a legal demand letter that matched her complaint data.
  4. Veeto’s app sent the letter to a Regus VP.
  5. That’s it!

Within a few days, Regus agreed to release Hannah from her lease agreement exactly as her Veeto-generated letter had demanded. All told, Hannah probably spent under an hour jotting down her notes from step one, sending those to Veeto, and then exchanging emails with Veeto. We sealed the deal for Hannah, and we can do the same for you.

Sometimes the best approach to DIY is to not actually do it yourself‍.

Even attorneys know this, because attorneys understand the importance of specialization. Veeto hyper-specializes in Regus cases, and that's why attorneys hire Veeto to handle their own Regus issues.

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