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Does Veeto Take Cases In The UK?

Short answer: yes, about 40% of Veeto cases are outside the US

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We are asked this question frequently.

Example #1: Jodie in the UK asked...



Do you take cases from the UK?




Example #2: Peta in the UK asked...

I am based in the UK and having huge problems with Regus, do you only cover the USA for dealing with them or can you help in the UK?

The short answer is yes, we do handle cases in the UK...lots of them. Now here is the longer answer...

Veeto is headquartered in the US, but handles cases in more than 20 countries...including the UK

This is a frequently asked question, and not just from people in the United Kingdom hoping to veeto a problem. And while the short answer is simply "yes." Let me provide a few data points to put that "yes" in context for you.

  • About 40% of the cases Veeto handles are outside of the United States.
  • Of the more than 20 countries in which Veeto handles cases, the United Kingdom is one of the top three non-US countries from which we get this question most often: "does Veeto take cases in [some country other than the United States]?"
  • We take cases against many multi-national companies, which operate in multiple countries; so in those instance, while the country may vary, the opponent actually stays the same, and we are able to derive and leverage all of the benefits of deep familiarity with how a given opponent maneuvers and therefore how to win your case.

Regus is a good example of this

Regus operates in more than 120 countries, but there does not appear to be much variability in the types of complaints their customers lodge against them (source: we get a lot of complaints about Regus). Also, one other reason Regus is a good example of the kind of opponent that explains why Veeto handles cases in the UK and so many other countries is that complaints about Regus a well documented, and public, which is not often true of a company spanning so many borders.


I do not want to turn this into a "beat up on Regus blog post"...too easy. So instead, if you wish to appraise the apparent tone of current and former Regus customers yourself, you could just scroll through the complaints people have been posting for years on (with which we have no affiliation). Plenty of data from which to draw your own conclusion.


Anyway, there are several other examples of multi-national companies against which we frequently handle cases, but I am not sure if they have their own [insert company here]

And the process is the same for non-US cases as it is for US cases

  1. Create a free Veeto account (you can do that here).
  2. Submit a description of your problem (we will send you the form once you create your account).
  3. We will analyze your case to determine if it is a good fit.
  4. If it is a good fit, we then send you an invoice and get started working on your demand letter.

What about currency? Do I have to pay in US dollars? Ah, good question. You thought you stumped us, didn't you? Alas, no need to worry there either. We use Stripe to securely process payments, and Stripe can process more than 135 currencies.

veeto take cases in other countries

Here is a mind-numbingly long list of some of the currencies Stripe currently support (last we checked).

And in case you are not familiar with Stripe, you might be interested to know that it was founded by these two Irish lads.

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...who, to bring bring this full circle and wrap up, could definitely veeto a case in Ireland, the UK, or even their current home in San Francisco, should they encounter a veeto-shaped problem.

Have a case in the UK you wish to veeto?

veeto uk cases

Well now you know we can help.