• Tell Us Your Wishlist for Your Next Office

    You want to leave Regus, and our office space partners want to help by paying part of your Veeto bill.

  • How It Works

    For your next office, tell us what you are looking for.



    We send out a bid request to partners who meet your wishlist criteria.



    Based on your wishlist, they'll tell Veeto how much they would pay to meet you.



    We then present you with a bid-discounted offer for your use of Veeto’s service.

  • The deal is simple.

    if you agree to let our partner pay part of your Veeto bill, then you agree to go tour their space. Believe it or not, this is actually a win-win if you are legitimately shopping around for your next office, because our partners would rather spend their marketing dollars on you than some disinterested advertiser.

  • FAQ

    Any catch?

    Nope! It’s free to get bids, and bids simply reduce your cost to use Veeto’s service. The bids will be based on your responses to the form below, of course, but based on average bid amounts, you could pay as low as $42 to use Veeto to get out of your Regus contract.

    Can you show me an example?

    Since the normal price of Veeto’s service is $480, if a partner bids $300 to meet you, then we will present you with a bid-discounted price of $180 for Veeto’s service. You can say yes or no and even choose to sidestep this option altogether, and just pay the normal rate of $480.

    Do I have any obligation towards your partner?

    No. You can say yes or no to either the bid-discounted price or the prospective space that our partner can offer you--there is no obligation to actually sign up with our partner.