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    How much time does it take to use Veeto?

    If you're a member, it takes about 90 seconds per use-case. If you're a non-member, it might take 190 seconds, which is about the amount time it takes to pop a bag of popcorn.


    Tell us your complaint, which company it's against and what you think would be a fair resolution, and then give us key details about the product or service at issue and the actions you've taken so far.

    I have an idea for a new Veeto Use-case. How can I suggest it?

    Awesome! Please drop us a note by email so we can get your idea added to our library of use-cases.

    You keep using that word...what is a "use-case?"

    A “use-case” is simply the term we use for each reason you would want to use Veeto or, put another way, each issue you would want to Veeto (see what I did there?). It could be that you want your $5 back for a gallon of milk that spoiled prior to its expiration date. It could be that your refrigerator manufacturer is denying your $600 warranty repair claim, and you think wrongfully so.


    The number of use-cases Veeto can help you with is almost innumerable. Really, any reason you might think a company owes you money back is an opportunity for Veeto to help. Most people encounter at least 2 or 3 of these per month. Rather than having to just walk away from whatever money you might be entitled to, Veeto now makes it quick and easy to put that money back in your pocket--which very quickly adds up!

    What are some examples of use-cases Veeto has solved?

    We've gotten Veeto customers money back for products purchased at big-box retailers that did not meet expectations, including things like groceries, tools, cleaning products, and more. We've gotten a Veeto customer over $600 back for a refrigerator repair warranty claim that had been previously denied. We've gotten $85 back for a car battery that went bad before the end of its warranty period. We've handled thousands of service contract cases in which a customer wanted to get out of a contract early without paying termination fees--cell phone contracts, cable contracts, alarm contracts, gym contracts--we've solved a ton of these and have never lost a case!


    The mantra to remember is simply, "Any purchase, Any company." Use it anytime you want your money back.

    That's another word you keep using...what is "Veeto Power?"

    Veto power is the privilege presidents have to stop any action they disagree with, and Veeto Power (notice the double e) is its plebeian cousin. Whereas veto power is for presidents, Veeto Power is for you and me.


    In abstract, Veeto Power is your privilege, as a Veeto user, to resolve legal consumer issues in a way you deem fair.

    Does Veeto guarantee results?

    No, we do not guarantee results. Instead, we give Veeto members historical data on our performance so far, and we let you judge whether you think we can get the result you want. For many of our use-cases, for example, our success rate is 100%. More important, though, is the fact that the aggregate ROI for Veeto members is greater than 100%, which means that we've not only gotten Veeto members exactly what they wanted, but we've also gotten them a little more in some cases.


    Yes, we are good at this. No, we probably should not expect our success rate to always be 100% for a given use-case, as more people sign up to use Veeto for a greater variety of use-cases. But we do expect that our win rate will always be compellingly high. Otherwise, we wouldn't be doing this.


    Plus, members enjoy our Veeto Power Satisfaction Guarantee policy.

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