• "How can I get out of my lease?"

    Here at Veeto, we get that question a lot. So we put together this free recommendation tool to help you to decide which method is best for you when you want to get out of your lease. It checks your eligibility for a lease takeover, recommends options, and calculates how much each option might cost you. Just answer a handful of questions, and we will tell you whether lease takeover alternative is right for you.

  • Why People Love Veeto

    On average, Veeto saves people about $19,000 per year.

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    "Easy to use and work with. Simple, effective."

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    "The outcome of [my case] has been favourable for me. I will definitely send people in your direction."

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    "I really appreciate your willingness to help."

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    "The experience of Veeto was so valuable: it taught me not only that I should fight back, but how to do so."

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    "Thank you!!! I'm happy you exist and glad that I found you. I appreciate...your willingness to work with the little guy."

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    "Veeto syncs all of your contracts in one place, keeping users up to date on their terms. Alerts are sent out when the terms change."

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    "When you buy a product and later regret it, Veeto gets your money back. It’s your Veeto Power. Hashtag microjustice."

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    "Veeto helps consumers reverse purchases that don’t meet their expectations."

  • Check your lease takeover eligibility for free.

    It only takes 1 minute.



    The tool will check your eligibility for a lease takeover...because there is a lot of money on the line with a lease. So you do not want to make the mistake of assuming you are eligible when you are in fact ineligible.



    It will then tell you whether you are eligible for any other options for getting out of your lease early (because a lease takeover might not be your best option) and how those compare to a lease takeover.



    Then it will calculate the economics of each option, including the lease takeover option: how much each will cost, what the pros and cons are for each option, and how the economics of your situation compare to the average.

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    If you are eligible to get out of your lease, you can:


    • Exit your lease and save thousands of dollars
    • Exit your lease and protect your credit rating
    • Exit your lease quickly and easily
    • Exit your lease via lease legally
    • Avoid playing phone tag with strangers you meet via Craigslist
    • Avoid giving tours of your home to strangers you meet via Craigslist

  • How It Works

    Simple: we will tell you which lease takeover alternative is right for you.

    How do we come up with our recommendations?

    Our recommendations are based on 8 years of front-line experience getting people out of leases and other complex contracts, saving them several hundred thousand dollars combined by helping them get out of the lease early while avoiding the high expense of lease takeovers. No other single entity in history has helped more people get out of leases, and we handle anything from apartment, condo and house leases to single- and multi-office commercial leases.


    You are super impressed now, right? :)

    Here is the thing...

    Trying to get out of a lease is a giant pain in the butt. We have gotten pretty good at taking complex parts of the process and making them simple.


    Earlier this year, we spent an entire month doing nothing but building a way for tenants to automatically generate legal demand letters to their landlords when they are ready to get out of their lease. The result was a 20,000 word blog post detailing every aspect of each situation in which a tenant could use this tool. This was cool, but it did not do a great job answering the question, “How can I get out of my lease?” This simple tool solves that problem.

    How to use the tool?

    Just answer a handful of questions, and we will make a solid, informed recommendation for you.