• How It Works

    And what is costs

    Veeto Membership


    • There is no contract, and you can cancel anytime.
    • New members pre-pay for 12 months upfront.
    • You can "veeto" as many cases as you find need for during your membership.
    • Veeto drafts/sends legal demand letter to opponent in each case.

    10-Minute Phone Consultation


    • Available to both members and non-members.
    • Good if all you are looking for right now is more information.
    • Discuss your case with one of Veeto's experts.
    • Get the pointers you need to handle your case yourself.
  • A. How Pricing Works

    Veeto membership is $40/month. There is no contract, and you can cancel anytime. New members pay for 12 months upfront when they sign up. And you can "veeto" as many cases as you find need for during your membership.


    So for new members, one way to think about it is: your cost to use Veeto for your first case would simply be $480 and $0 for any subsequent cases for the next 12 months. Or, of course, you can think about it as $480 divided by the number of cases you veeto, to derive some per-case cost. Either way, your ROI will likely be stellar (the average ROI Veeto members get in their first year is 16x).


    Member pricing gives you the chance to constantly be improving those odds--and in turn, your ROI on your Veeto purchase--by veetoing more cases as you encounter them.


    (Here are all of the different ways members use Veeto now, FYI).


    Or, if all you are looking for right now is more information, and you are not yet ready to buy a membership, you could pay a smaller fee for a 10-minute phone consultation to simply discuss your case with one of Veeto's experts.​ You are still handling your entire case yourself, of course, but you can utilize the phone consultation as a way to get some pointers from an expert who has resolved thousands of these types of cases before.


    You can pay for your 10-minute phone consultation below; we will send you a form to fill out before the call so that we are maximally productive; and then we book a mutually agreeable time and date.

    Which option do most people choose? When presented with these two options, interestingly, about 85% of people choose the membership option right away. Once you decide which option you prefer, we are happy to help.

    B. What You Need To Use Veeto

    To draft your demand letter for a given veeto, we just need a little information about your case. To begin intake, just send us:

    • Any written correspondence pertinent to this issue.
    • A list of people involved on both sides, with names and titles preferred.
    • A bullet-point timeline of pertinent events and conversations, since your business relationship with the opponent company began to present, including people involved and dates.

    Other items you might have that tend to be helpful: a copy or link to your executed contract with the opponent company (might be just a receipt) and a copy or link to the terms and conditions governing it.


    (Here is an example of a demand letter, which shows the basic types of information we would need from you).

    C. How The Process Works

    Most people use Veeto as members. And for members, the first step is to sign up for a free account. Then once you sign up, you can confirm your account details, and we will then send you a form you can use to tell us about your case. Once submitted, we will analyze the case to determine fit and then let you know what we think. And if you decide to give Veeto a thumbs up, you can sign up for a Veeto membership, and we will begin working on your first case.


    To summarize the process once again, once you sign up as a member, the process for a given veeto--which is outlined in overview here--proceeds in three steps:

    1. Veeto intakes info about your case;
    2. Then drafts a legal demand letter; you review and sign off on it, and then Veeto sends it to the opponent company;
    3. And then the opponent company decides whether or not to resolve the matter as you wish (we cannot guarantee, of course, any particular outcome, but so far, we have never lost a case; probably because the cases people veeto tend to feature blatant errors, like representing a product to perform a certain way when it does not turn out to perform as represented, for example, or not provided a service as promised, as another example).

    And just to give you a couple of data points, product claims constitute the second largest share of the types of cases we handle, and contracts are the largest (for example).

  • Book Your 10-Minute Phone Consultation

    Discuss your case with a Veeto expert.

    10-Minute Phone Consultation

    10-Minute Phone Consultation

    Talk to a Veeto expert about your case to save time and money.

    Veeto experts have an average of 9 years experience and have handled thousands of cases.

    Once we receive your order, we will send you some questions about your case that you may choose fill out before the call, or not. The benefit to you of filling out the form before the call is that we will be better prepared to be maximally productive and better equip you to handle your case after the call.

    But ultimately, this is your call. So we will let you direct us on how we can help.
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