• Good News--You're Eligible To Leave Your Lease Contract Immediately.

    Your next step? Book a $30 call with a Veeto Expert and get a plan of action you can use to leave your lease contract immediately. 
    At the end of the call, if you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund you immediately, no questions asked.

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    Our Money Back Promise: If You Aren't Satisfied, Get Your Refund Immediately After Your Call.

    If for any reason Veeto doesn't live up to your expectations, or maybe you just want to keep your money-- really, it doesn't matter why-- just let us know anytime within 30 days (or 30 seconds) of your call with us.

    No forms to fill out.

    No questions to answer.

    No hoops to jump through.


    No, really--we deal with companies that use shady tactics to try to keep your money every day, and we've made it our mission to earn your money with excellent service and excellent customer experience, not with tricks.

  • What You Get From a Micro-Consultation Call


    Talk with a Lease Contract Expert, and Build an Exit Plan.

    Our Veeto Experts have dealt with thousands of lease contract cases. They'll help you build an ironclad exit plan that you can use--with or without Veeto.


    The Confidence to Move Forward.

    Many landlords want you to believe they're invincible. (They're not). We can demystify the process of leaving your contract, and show you exactly where your landlord's poor behavior has left them vulnerable.


    Risk-Free: Get Your Money's Worth, or Get Your Money Back.

    The price for one of our calls is $30. At the end of it, if you don't feel completely satisfied, we'll instantly refund your money.


  • Learn why we're the number one tool used by attorneys to leave lease contracts.

    Lawyers, like doctors, engineers, or other professions, specialize their practices. Often, they have neither the time, nor specific case knowledge to effectively dispatch lease contract issues. That's why they turn to us to help them resolve their own lease issues.


    Our case expertise and 10 years of experience make us the most effective lease termination service in the country. If you book a call and aren't 100% satisfied with the experience, we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

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    We deal with lease terminations all day, every day.

    Our Lease Termination Experts are specialized in helping tenants leave their contracts. They've dealt with thousands of cases, and can quickly and effectively build an action plan tailor-made for your case.

  • Hiring Veeto vs. Hiring an Attorney --The Numbers

    So you've decided you want to get out of your lease, and you hire an attorney. Awesome! There's no doubt that a contract attorney will do an excellent job on your case. However, these kind of attorneys can charge $300 or more per hour. Even in rural areas, you can expect an hourly rate of $100-200. This starts to add up-- let's look at the typical attorney process for this kind of case.

    1. You and your attorney will have an initial consultation call between 30 - 90 minutes, where you explain who your landlord is, your dispute, and the context of your case. That's at least $50.
    2. The attorney, or an associate, will research the relevant case law, and build a legal basis for your dispute. This can take anywhere from 1-10 billable hours. At $100 an hour, this step alone can cost up to $1,000.
    3. Your attorney will then draft the necessary documentation for your case. This can take up to 3-4 hours. Again, that's another $300.
    4. Your attorney will then have this documentation served to your landlord.
    All in all, the bill for this service can easily run into the thousands. With Veeto, you get the same service, tailor-made for your lease contract, for a fraction of the price.
    And (I know I've already mentioned this, but I want you know that we're serious) -- If you're unhappy with your call, we'll refund your $30, no questions asked.