• 100% Win Rate. Veeto Can Help. Ready When You Are.

    An attorney-crafted demand letter from Veeto for $40. Use it anytime.

    Your cellphone carrier doesn't expect you to do this, but they can't stop you.


    And most important: If we find we can't break your contract, we refund your money 100%.

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    Our Early Termination Promise

    If we find we can't break your contract, we refund your money 100%.


    No forms to fill out.

    No questions to answer.

    No hoops to jump through.


    So we either get you out (and save you hundreds in early termination fees), or don't -- and it's free.

  • How It Works From Here

    Use our $40 Cellbreaker and save $300 in early termination fees-- or your money back.


    Check your contract.

    We check your contract to make sure Veeto can break it. Don't worry -- 95% of cell contracts are breakable. And if yours isn't, we refund your money 100%.


    Get the green light.

    We're pretty good at this, so you sit back and relax while we jump into action. We craft a legally binding demand letter, and deliver it to your provider (bypassing the customer support traps they use to keep people from cancelling)



    We get you out of your contract with a legally binding demand letter.

  • Can You Afford Not To Use Veeto?

    If you try to leave on your own, it's either free or $300.

    If you leave with Veeto, it's either free or $40.


    That's the power of having Veeto on your side.


    We love when people get free from predatory contracts, whether it's with us, or on their own.


    Let's say decide to leave your cell provider on your own. First, let's me say that I admire your chutzpah-- it's not easy to stand up to someone as formidable as a phone company.


    However, if you fail, you're on the hook for whatever they charge to leave, and for the major carriers, early termination fees start at over $300.


    Now, instead, you decide to use Veeto. You pay the $90, and we break your contract. Before we even begin, we assess your case and determine whether or not it's breakable. and If it isn't, we refund your $40.