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Regus Internet Outages Don't Have To Bring Your Business To A Halt

See if you qualify for early termination of your Regus contract!

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One frequently reported problem with working in a Regus office is that the on-site internet service sometimes fails to function reliably--and this seems to occur quite a bit, actually.

Case in point: this morning, for example, Regus reported a total internet outage at the Chase Park Office Center Regus location in Austin, Texas.

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When the internet goes out at a Regus office, many tenants simply cannot operate the business for which the tenant rented the Regus office in the first place. That's a huge problem, obviously.

But Regus compounds the matter further when it also fails to compensate affected tenants in any equitable way. Rather than, say, crediting the tenants affected by the internet outage for the time that Regus's office service was basically useless to those tenants whose business operations depend on internet connectivity, Regus often tries to  downplay the significance of the failure.

For anyone who went through Regus's "COVID-19 Pandemic response" in 2020--during which most of Regus's services were not being rendered at all despite Regus continuning to charge Regus clients' credit cards automatically as if those services were being rendered as agreed--this "internet outage response" by Regus should not be too surprising. This is what Regus is widely known (and despised) for.

The fact remains, however, that internet service is a line-item component of Regus's office service package. Multiple advertisements on Regus's own website make this clear. Here are three examples:

Example # 1

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Example # 2

regus it support

Example # 3

regus login

So, if the deal for which you contracted entitled you to receive internet service at your Regus office, would such a failure by Regus constitute a breach of contract (and give you a legal right to terminate your Regus contract early)? Most people would probably answer...

Yes, when Regus fails to render reliable internet service, that's a breach of contract by Regus.

...and you need not be legal genius to understand why.

  • Internet service is a component of Regus's office service offering.
  • So, Regus is obligated to provide that internet service to you reliably under the terms of the deal, in exchange for your monthly payments to Regus.
  • But when Regus fails to reliably render the internet service to you, Regus is not holding up Regus's end of the deal.
  • Thus, you might be able to cite this as legal justification for terminating your Regus contract early.
regus breach of contract

How To Terminate Your Regus Contract Early

Alrighty,'s the next question: what's the process for asserting that breach of contract claim against Regus to terminate the contract early?

There are some steps you would need to follow. But the (at least somewhat) good news is this: there's a silver lining to the fact that Regus internet outages have occurred so many times; and it's that, by now, there's a time-tested, playbook of steps to follow, based on what other Regus customers have previously done to successfully terminate early!

Do you Qualify For Early Termination Of Your Regus Contract?

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