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And how Veeto pricing for non-members compares to pricing for members

An overview of how Veeto pricing works

If you have a case you wish to veeto, you have two pricing options:

  1. You can sign up to be a Veeto member;
  2. Or you can pay per veeto as a non-member.

Fun fact: about 85% of people who use Veeto are members. So let's look at membership pricing first.

Veeto membership pricing

Veeto membership is $40/month. There is no contract, and you can cancel anytime.

New members pay for 12 months upfront when they sign up. And you can "veeto" as many cases as you find need for during your membership. (Did you get that? Unlimited veetos for members).

So for new members, one way to think about it is: your cost to use Veeto for your first case would simply be $480 and $0 for any subsequent cases for the next 12 months. Or, of course, you can think about it as $480 divided by the number of cases you veeto, to derive some per-case cost. Either way, your ROI will likely be stellar, as the average ROI Veeto members get in their first year is 16x!

Member pricing gives you the chance to constantly be improving those odds--and in turn, your ROI on your Veeto purchase--by veetoing more cases as you encounter them. Here are all of the different ways members use Veeto now, FYI:

how to use veeto

Now let's look at pay-per-veeto pricing for non-members.

Pay-per-veeto pricing for non-members

As a non-member, you could pay-per-veeto for one case at a time.​ And here is the fun part about non-member pricing: you get to name the price you would pay for a single veeto!

And this is how it works. If you decide you would prefer to pay-per-veeto, you can name the price you would be willing to pay by actually placing a pay-per-veeto order (and you can do that here). And we will treat this as your offer to us. If we decide your offered price makes sense for us at that time, we will accept it and get started with your case as normal. Or, if we decide your offered price does not make sense for us, we will simply refund your charge.

How do we decide whether an offered price makes sense for us? It is mostly based on our caseload at the time of your offer. Since most of our caseload is attributable to members, we first look to see whether we have bandwidth at that time for a new, non-member case. In general, if there is room for a non-member case, and the price you offer is an amount we deem fair, then we will accept it.

Also note that your offer must be a multiple of $40. So you could offer $40, $80, or any other multiple of $40. And you can do this by simply hitting the + or - button to arrive at your desired offer amount.

how much does veeto charge non-members for a case

Last thing to note a about pay-per-veeto offers: you can only make one offer per case. So if you make an offer that we do not accept, you will not get a second chance to increase your offer. We have this policy because the pay-per-veeto option is really intended as an efficient way to find out in one move whether we can agree on a price; it is not an invitation to try to game the system or waste time haggling. We like to keep things simple :)

Membership versus pay-per-veeto pricing

The downside of the non-member option, of course, is that you get only one shot on goal, with an ROI equal to the payoff of winning your one case divided by the non-member fee you pay Veeto. In contrast, the membership option gives you as many shots on goal as you find need for during your membership, which would initially be for twelve months.

Sometimes, though, the non-member option does make sense, and here are some of common reasons why the non-member option might be a better fit for you:

  • The payoff of winning your case is less than $1,400.
  • You cannot afford the $480 fee for a 12-month membership, but there is an amount you could afford.
The way we think about it is this: we want Veeto to help anyone with a valid case, regardless of the case's economics. And we know that sometimes, the case you are dealing with does not offer a high enough payoff to make the membership pricing a no-brainer. So we came up with the pay-per-veeto option as a way to help more people with more cases, many of them with lower dollar amounts at stake.
Know which option is right for you?